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BrightNet Services Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia BrightNet always emphasizes on "Solutions Integration" rather than "Systems Integration", heading the reality of future seamless integration through green IT innovation with cleaner and cost saving solutions thus leaving you to concentrate on the day-to-day running of your business.

BrightNet is a one and only premier systems integrator

that provides quality business automation, computer hardware, network and security solutions, on-site support, and cost-effective IT outsourcing for small and mid-sized to large enterprise businesses.

Services include onsite hardware support, systems & network management, large scale of IT integration deployment, IT infrastructure and datacenter implementation. We partner with industry leaders to offer turnkey outsourced services and support.

BrightNet Network Solutions is made up of certified industry professionals to provide quality automation and network services to businesses. Our certified staff has created unique and powerful partnerships to provide our customers the most advanced solutions to their business needs with the highest quality and integrity. We believe it is professionalism, quality and integrity that create great products and services that will provide a valued return for our respected customers.l.

To provide our customers the most advanced, cost effective IT integration solutions to their business needs, creating security and most of all profit from their technology investment by leveraging on green energy saving solutions.

We at BrightNet are committed to the core values of ownership, demonstrated expertise, attention to detail, teamwork, sound business judgment, measured accomplishment, and most of all credibility with our customers. Again, it is professionalism, quality, and integrity that create great products and services that ensure a valued return for our respected customers.

BrightNet has always been on the leading edge of offerings with regards to services and support. We have also developed systems for onsite and offsite backups to protect our customer's data and monitor for problems. BrightNet provides datacenter setup with advanced features such as redundant firewalls for security, fiber optic internet connectivity, and uninterruptible power supplies backed by latest technology for immortal power. All of these systems are monitored 24 hours a day by automated systems which notify technicians in the event of a problem in as little as one second.

BrightNet has always been committed to service after installation. All computer systems require periodic upkeep and we have the staff and the experience to quickly and efficiently keep your systems in optimum condition. Proactive problem resolution is one of the newest areas that Network Solutions is working on cutting edge solutions.

We have qualified and experienced expertise formerly from international MNC corporations. Our target is to satisfy all our clients with one-stop solution in a very cost effective way thus leaving them to concentrate on the day-to-day running of their business. Some of our core integration services are as follows;

- Hardware Setup and Configuration
- Software Installation and Configuration
- Network Relocation
- Network Setups
- Maintenance
- Local Area Network (LAN)
- Wide Area network (WAN)
- Virtual Private Network (VPN)
- Wireless Lan (WLAN)
- Firewalls
- AntiVirus solution
- Network Attached Storage (NAS)
- Storage Area Network (SAN)
- Storage Area Network (ISCSI)
- Backup Solutioning
- Datacentre Setup


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