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Return to the nature of the medical and the original intention of God created。

Meditheory Holistic Health Centre is the first human anatomy medical centre with comprehensive treatment in Malaysia. It combines human anatomy medical treatments, body self healing system, treatments of human fascia system with the fusion of European structural treatment, traditional orthopedic surgery (Chinese, Japanese, Taiwan and Hong Kong combination) and Chinese bone setting. Besides, it follows the source of particular disease and designs the individual body structural alignment treatment. The treatment is carried out by bare hands and time is allowed for body self recovery without the need of undergoing surgery.

医本堂是大马本土首创,本地首间人体结构医学的全方位治疗中心。 它结合了人体结构治疗医学、人体自愈能力系统、人体筋膜系统组织治疗学及融合了欧美结构治疗,中日港台传统正骨术及中医正骨等自然疗法,针对疾病根源,量身定做个人化整体修复疗程,透过徒手复健技术调整身体结构,在无须进行手术的情况下达到启动人类身体自我修复能力。

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Scoliosis, Hump-back, Structural Relocated, Sciatica,Rheumatic diseases ,Periarthritis, Vertebral Subluxation, Slipped disc , Frozen Shoulder, Insomnia, Constipation, Edema, Osteoarthritis.

頸, 脊椎病(閃腰, 駝背,側彎/S骨等) 膝關節變型(O型脚), 長短腳, 坐骨神經痛, 脱臼, 骨刺,風濕痛, 肩週炎 (五十肩), 失眠, 便秘, 頭痛, 偏頭痛, 鼻敏感, 眼耳不適,性功能障碍, 經期失調/經痛等。

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