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Walk In Deal FAQ

How does “Walk In Deal” work?

Every day you'll find a new hot deal on at discounts between 50-90%. Once the minimum number of buyers for a certain deal is reached, the deal is "on". After the deal period has passed (Not more than 3 working days) you will receive an email from us with your electronic coupon or a confirmation email that your coupon has been sent out to your home address. Since we aggregate a large number of buyers for each retailer, we're able to pass on these kinds of discounts to our customers. Once you received the coupon via email or post you can simply go to the merchant and enjoy your deal!

Here's how it works:
1) Click on "Deal" to reserve the deal for you. When the minimum number of buyers is reached, the deal is definitely taking place!
2) Tell all your friends, colleagues, family members and your neighbours about the “Hot Deal” that's going on! That way the chances are higher that we reach the minimum number.
3) In case the minimum number of buyers is not reached, the deal won't take place. In this case you'll get a full refund of the fee you paid to your credit card or PayPal account. Check back the next day - for sure a deal will be going on!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is “Walk In Deal” from Walk In Online ?
“Walk In Deal” is a new way of experiencing your city. We give you exclusive access to some of the best F&B and entertainment deals in town.
We strive to bring you a great offer each day from a local business we trust and recommend. In order for the deal to be LIVE, a minimum number of it must be sold.

How do I register to be a Walk In Lifestyle Card member for “Walk In Deal” Purchase?
Go to at (Walk In Online Fans Page) and 1st Step You should click ‘Like’ at this page become Walk In Online Fans, later you can view Signup page and complete the new member registration requirement. The system will generate an Walk In Lifestyle Card number as ID number and I/C number as password for member login, You will have a pre-paid or Emall points account at Walk In Online homepage at Member Login. You will have to top up RM 20, So now you have RM 20 to start with.

What is Walk In Lifestyle Card member account?
Every member of Walk In Lifestyle Card has a pre-paid or member account upon registration. Your visit Walk In Online homepage at Member Login. So when you purchase a deal, the amount is charged to your pre-paid account.

So, I need to buy in bulk or ring up all my friends to participate in the deal?
No, we’ve got other like-minded subscribers enlisted to “tip” the deal.
Our deals are designed as experiences to be shared. In any case, sharing the deal with your friends is probably a good idea since everyone loves a good deal.

How long will each deal be featured?
Each deal is available for purchase for a limited time, and sometimes in limited quantity.
Check the timer – it can be 24 hours or even 48 hours, but definitely not longer than 7 Days.

Today's deal looks interesting. How do I buy?
Click the big red “DEAL” button before the time expires! If the minimum number is achieved, the deal goes LIVE and the voucher will be on its way to you via email or snail mail.

The deal attracts me, so what’s next?
Make sure you are within the valid buying time 1st by checking the timer. Simply click “Deal” and your purchase will be reserved. When the minimum number of member’s have signed up for the deal, the system will automatically charge your account and you will receive a coupon with the details of your purchase.

How come “Walk In Deal” offers limited choice in a day?
We can’t put in everything. You will be spoilt for choice too. Having a whacky deal in a limited time gets you and the merchant into a bargaining session. And we enjoy it that way, because you would probably get addicted to Walk In Online and will be back for more the next day.

How much are the discounts offered?
Because we negotiate on bulk with the merchants, we only promote products and services that offer 50% to 90% discount or more.

What if the minimum number is not met? What happens?
If the minimum purchase for the deal is not met, unfortunately there will be no deal. Money paid will be refunded immediately. Do note that it may take up to 7 working days for the financial institution to process the refund transaction.
…but of course we all want the deal to “tip”. So spread the word and spread the deal at

You mean, if the deal doesn’t “tip”, we’ve wasted our time and effort?! No consolation prize?
Most will say, “Better luck tomorrow!”; we say “Good luck in our ‘Monthly Lucky Draw’!”
To ensure a win-win situation and positive experience for all our subscribers, if the deal is not on, participants are automatically entered in our monthly lucky draw. Stand a chance to win fantastic prices like a free deal or even brand new gadgets – all compliments of the house!

I am interested in today’s deal, but do I have to use it immediately?
Most deals have a validity period of at least three months. Please check the fine print and remember to use your voucher before the expiration date.

How will I receive my voucher, once the agreed minimum number is met?
Our vendors have a choice of voucher fulfilment methods - it is best to check the fine print.
You will usually receive the voucher by email or snail mail. So check the right mailbox, and enjoy the great deals you deserve.

There isn't sufficient credit in my account, but i wish to buy something...
Its easy ! You just have to top up your credit at your member account. Your purchases are only charged when you have sufficient credit, or else the transaction will not take place.

Do I have to spend the whole voucher at one go?
Yes, that is usually the case unless stated otherwise.

Is the coupon valid for the same day I bought it?
No. That’s why the coupons have an expiry date set by the merchant. You have to redeem within it within the stipulated time.

Is the coupon transferable even with my name printed on it?
Yes. You may give it to someone else unless stated otherwise by the merchant. The merchant will observe anyone that presents the coupon as per offer.

I misplaced my coupon, can i still redeem?
Yes, Just reprint it, however the merchant will cross check your coupon in case its double redemption.

The coupon is perfect for a special someone, can I gift it?
Yes, the voucher can be a perfect present for that “special someone”. But each voucher is only valid once, so keep it safe and don’t gift it accidentally.

Is “Walk In Deal” online coupon sales legal?
Off course. We are governed under the strict guidelines of the various agencies and financial bureaus. Walk In Online is purely an e-commerce platform and your online pre-paid account information is monitored by a payment gateway provider.

How do I know I can trust Walk In Online with my details?
Only your details, and not your credit card number, are stored on our secure server. Your credit card number is transmitted by SSL directly to a secure electronic vault. At no time is your credit card information stored on our servers.

Can I combine my “Walk In Deal” with other offers or specials?
Unless stated otherwise, deals cannot be combined with other offers or specials.

I have a valid coupon, but the merchant has ceased operations?
Then that’s our problem to make sure the charges are reversed into your Walk In Lifestyle member account. But of course we will have to check what went wrong. If the merchant had relocated, then we’ll advise you to go over.

What if the vendor – from which the deals come from – closes down?
We only work with reputable vendors. However, in the unlikely event that the vendor company goes belly up, we will refund you your money for unused voucher.

How reliable is Walk In Online ??
Walk In Online (M) Sdn Bhd (889571-V) incorporated in early 2010, paid up capital RM 500,000.00 and Authorized Capital RM 500,000.00, A member of ACP Group of Companies in business since year 1989. Up to date, had more than 60,000 Walk In Lifestyle Card Members and more than 100 Brands or Merchants or company had participated our Loyalty program.

How do I know more about Walk In Online Company Profile ?
Find us on at or visit our homepage

I don’t live anywhere near the merchant’s store. What now?
You can still purchase it. The offer would have stated about 3rd party courier service and charges if any. Please call the merchant to get find out more.

Is Walk In Online merchant all over the country?
Not yet. We will be reaching you soon when we secure an interesting deal in your neighbourhood so that everybody gets to buy and redeem close by. Send us an email if you are dreaming of something.

Can I enquire from the merchant before I decide to buy?
Yes please. It makes you comfortable and confident about what you are paying for.

How do I top up my credit?
By credit card or you may bank in to our account. Your payment is fully secured and will reflect in your Walk In Lifestyle Card member account within 3 working days.

Can I paste a comment about “Walk In Deal” or send a suggestion about what I want?
Yes, you are please to do so as long as it benefits you and us. Your input makes it easier for our sourcing team.(

How do I promote my business on your website?
Email us at or contact our Corporate Division 603-9286 3323.

I am a retailer myself, can my product be offered?
That’s great! Get in touch with our Walk In Online Corporate Division ( and you could be featured next!


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