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About I Two Seven International Sdn Bhd

The I27 International Sdn Bhd main goal is to provide Beauty & Healthy Products for our customer.

Brand Story
With the world would like to have a healthy and beautiful women can desire, G2 product was born. And fast-food style social and cultural and aesthetic concept, establish own nutritional beauty concept: advocating natural, healthy and nutritious way from the source to improve the full range of beautiful women.

This concept rooted, so ITWOSEVEN company, dedicated to taking collagen went to France and Europe essence, an exclusive patented technology to ensure product purity natural ...... known micro-renowned, this dedication achievements of the company to really sincere ITWOSEVEN , but stick to the G2 products allow more women to have a healthy beautiful ideal all-round promise.

Sincere Heart To True Beauty
From the company's first one ITWOSEVEN G2 products - stimulate the female endocrine collagen drink come out so far, the company's intentions to modern life far beyond the health needs of the perfect combination to do with the product,

While allowing consumers to see the ITWOSEVEN company's sincerity, respect and love. Consumers have said, G2 product has brought me more than just skin collagen, it is more comprehensive in my heart collagen.

Trust and Touched be Beautiful
Today, G2 product still uphold the full range of health and beauty of women to bring faith, abandoning all chemical techniques and additives, adhere to the true guardian of the beautiful flavor. This flavor not only represents the essence of health and beauty, but also contains a G2 product of respect for life and nature and emotion.

Contact Information


I Two Seven International Sdn Bhd (HQ)
15 A, Jalan Jinjang Aman 15,
Jinjang Utara, 52000 Kuala Lumpur,

Customer Careline:
016-7110008 (Janet Ying)


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