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Hyundai Beauty Wash (HWB-100)

Hyundai Beauty Wash (HBW-100)

Fully Imported From Korea


Hyundai Beauty Wash Creation


To Your Comfcrtable Life, To Your Beautiful Skin.


Face Washing By Clean Water.



Dissolve fat of face pore inside, Keep clean skin.
Prevent invasion of staphylococcus, make beautiful skin.


ACF FILTER( Activated Carbon Fiber)


What is ACF filter?

This is new absorbent with the highest efficiency and function made form a fiber.


Thus, when this compare with Granular Activated Carbon which it is used for water purification system in domestic area, this  ACF has larger non-surface area and quicker adsorption than Granular Activated Carbon. And, the capacity of adsorption is too big.


Due to these, this can show the highest efficiency by only the small-sized ACF filter.

* Adsorption per a unit weight : 4050 %

* It's faster.

* The adsorption of ACF is ten times than the general GAC.


(The speed of adsorption is faster  about one hundred times.)ACF


Online Special Promotion Price : USD 100 / RM 330

Not Included Shipping Fees and Installation Charges.

Valid Date : 01/05/14 to 30/07/14

Normal Price            : USD 260 / RM 880.00

Terms and Conditions Apply.

*All Price show are Not Included Shipping Fees



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Authorized the designated purchasing company in Malaysia by

Mont Genuis Sdn Bhd (MGSB)

Please text +6011-1223 9838 ( Whatapps ) as below information

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Only Accept Deposit Payment or Bank Transfer to Mont Genuis Sdn Bhd Public Bank Berhad (PBB)



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